Lover of wanderlust & beach sand dust?

You sound like our kind of people

Curated gift boxes that give you those summer vibes all year long. A new box every month, until sold out.

How does it work?

Let's keep this mega simple

We’ve sourced the most summer inspired shiz we can find. Every month, we put together a box that looks, smells and feels like all things summer, with the contents changing monthly, to keep things fresh. You can order your box at any time during that month until sold out.

Once the goodies are chosen with love and ready to go for the month, we post a picture on the ‘gram, Facebook and also send our mailing list an update.

Step 1
Choose from our Once Off option, or Quarterly Subscription.

Once off: Pick our once off box, packed with thoughts of summer, ready to shop to the beach babe in your life.

​Quarterly Subscription: You tell us a little about the lucky babe receiving her box, and we hand pick the items we think she’ll love most. She’ll then receive a new box to her door every 3 months until she has received 4 boxes of goodness!

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Step 2
Are you or the person you’re buying for a little bit ‘extra’?

We’ve got you covered with a whole range of add-ons you can purchase to build your box up!

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Step 3
Write your personal postcard in the checkout process.

…because love notes are so on trend!

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Step 4
Your friend receives her box earning you instant BFF status

…and probably an Instagram shout out!

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Flavour of the month

This box  is for the babe in your life who always has the sunset in her eyes and the wind in her hair. Her skin is always salty, her feet always bare. There is an untamed wildness about her and that is her magic.

Take our one off box in all its glory, or spoil yourself or your beach babe friend with a dose of summer landing on her doorstep once every 3 months for a whole year!

Our Story

I was a creative tween, and to this day, I’m a sensory girl at heart. The kind of girl gets lost in those experiences of sight, touch, smell, sound & taste. I can gaze lovingly at some of the epic Street Art in Perth for so long, people stop to ask me if I’m ok.


human.kind is our social conscience. It’s how we do good. We have two passions.


One is driving human connection through social interaction. The other is doing good through small, every day acts of kindness.

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