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Choose one of our all natural, sustainable and eco-friendly curated gift boxes for the summer lover in your life

We have 6 to choose from, each curated with a mood board designed to tap into the nostalgia that only summer as a season can give you.

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Step 2
Are you or the person you’re buying for a little bit ‘extra’?

We’ve got you covered with a whole range of add-ons you can purchase to build your box up!

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Step 3
Write your personal postcard in the checkout process.

…because love notes are so on trend!

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Your friend receives her box earning you instant BFF status

…and probably an Instagram shout out!

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Our Story

I was a creative tween, and to this day, I’m a sensory girl at heart. The kind of girl gets lost in those experiences of sight, touch, smell, sound & taste. I can gaze lovingly at some of the epic Street Art in Perth for so long, people stop to ask me if I’m ok.


human.kind is our social conscience. It’s how we do good. We have two passions.


One is driving human connection through social interaction. The other is doing good through small, every day acts of kindness.

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